Speech and Language Therapy


Speech and Language Therapy with Helen will initially begin with a complete assessment of your child’s communication needs and strengths. The assessment session normally lasts 1 hour.

A complete assessment of speech and language skills will involve some or all of the following, depending on the nature of the child’s presenting communication need:

• Discussion with the parent/carer to gain an understanding of the area concern and history of the child’s development with communication and other areas.

• Observation of the child’s play to obtain a sample of the speech and language typically used.

• Informal games or formal standard assessment tools which often involve picture naming, picture description and following directions. These will provide information about the child’s attention and listening, auditory memory (remembering orally presented information), verbal comprehension (understanding), expressive language (sentences used), and speech sounds.

Assessment results will then be discussed with you and a plan of action agreed, including a decision as to whether further therapy is necessary, and if so, the appropriate type of therapy recommended. Following the Speech and Language assessment a written report will be completed for your records, and can be shared with other professionals, including your child’s education setting as you feel appropriate. Sometimes a parent may only want an assessment and will then wait for NHS therapy, in other cases, the NHS assessment has already taken place and therapy is sought privately. Best practise dictates that the private speech and language therapist will always liaise with the NHS Speech therapist to promote continuity of care.


Initially, goals will be set for your child to work towards in therapy and these will be discussed with you. Additionally, a discussion about your child’s interests will help to tailor therapy materials to best motivate your child during therapy sessions and home practice.

Therapy is carried out on a one-to-one basis. There is a clinic room on site, alternatively visits can be made to the child’s home and may also be arranged at your child’s nursery or school if requested.


When a child has reached the goals set at the start of therapy, a therapy break may be suggested in order for speech and language skills to be consolidated. After a designated period (between 1-6 months) a review appointment will be arranged to reassess speech and language skills and determine if further therapy is recommended.


These are based upon national guidelines for the profession. Fees per session include:

• Planning and preparation time.

• Direct contact.

• Report writing.

• Follow-up activities for home practice.

• Travel costs up to a distance of 10 miles.


1 hour appointment and includes a written report summary and targets.


45 mins therapy session.